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1. Studies About Monolayer Dispersion And Structure Of Supported Oxide
2. The Structure And Property Relationship In Rare Earth Aluminum Alloy Surface Oxide Film
3. EXAFS And XRD Measurement On Microstructures Of Mechanically Alloyed Fe60Ni40 Nano System
4. Preparation,Properties And Structural Characterizations Of Meso-Porous La-Co-Ce Complex Oxide Catalysts
5. Preparation And Microstructures Of Al-Cu-Fe Nano-quasicrystalline Materials
6. A Study On The Manganese-based Oxide Catalysts Used For The Catalytic Oxidation Of CO And C3H8 At Low Temperature
7. The Structural And Hydriding-dehydriding Kinetics Of Mg-Al-Ni Hydrogen Storage Alloy
8. Study On The Structure Of Metallic Nano-particle And The Optical Nonlinearity Of Its Dielectric Composite
9. Mechanical Alloying Of Fe <sub> 100-x </ Sub> Cu <sub> X </ Sub> Structure Of The System Test Studies
10. Preparation, Characterization, And Catalytic Properties Of Amorphous Titanium Dioxide
11. The Study On The Speciation And Lability Of Cu/Zn In Poultry And Swine Manure-derived Biochar
12. XAFS Studies On The Structure And Formation Mechanism Of Noble Metal Nanoparticles
13. Geochemical Cycling Of Hydrocarbon Compounds In Soil Of Typical Coal Mine District
14. Surface Complexation Modeling Of Cd(Ⅱ) Adsorption On Montmorillonite/Kaolinite-Bacillus Subtilis Composites
15. Ligand Substitution Of Dissolved Metal Ions And The Corresponding Mechanisms Of Their Application In Metal Ions Removal
16. Facet Dependent Environmental Contaminants Removal Behaviors Of Hematite And Their Environmental Effects
17. Microscopic Mechanism Of Interaction Between Radioactive Cesium And Micas
18. Structure Of Aqueous Rubidium Polyborate Solutions
19. Structure Of Aqueous Cesium Borate Solution
20. Research On Degradation Mechanism Of LaNi5-xAlx Hydrogen Storage Alloy By EXAFS
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