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Keyword [Electrochemical adsorption]
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1. Interaction Between Molecule And Metal Probed By Vibrational Spectroscopy
2. Preparation And Properties Of Carbon Aerogels And Carbon Aerogels/Polyaniline Composites
3. The Study On Preparation And Performance Of Starch-based Porous Carbons
4. Study On The Mechanism And Control For The Electrochemically-driven Adsorption Of Heavy Metal Ions On Birnessite
5. Study On The Electrochemical Adsorption Mechanism For The Efficient Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions By Manganese Oxides
6. Surface Modulation Of Pt-Based Nanoparticles Induced By Electrochemical Adsorption-Desorption
7. Study On Electrochemical Reduction Of Triiodomethane Based On Enhanced Adsorption Of Copper Modified Electrode
8. Using Straws To Prepare Porous Carbon Electrodes For Electrochemical Adsorption Of Salt Ions In Water
9. Electro-adsorption Of Tetracycline And Mn2+ From Aqueous Solution By Carbonized Pomelo Peel And Composite With Aniline
10. Porous Carbon Prepared From Corn Stover For Electrochemical Adsorption Of Copper Ions In Water
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