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1. Synthesis, Characterization And Luminescent Properties Of Novel Soluble Polyimide Containing Fluorescent Dye In The Backbone
2. Synthesis And Application In Biological Detection Of Fluorescent Silica Nanoparticles
3. Study On The Molecular Design And Synthesis Of The Novel "Suspension-structure" Organic Electroluminescene Material Of Fluoran
4. The Synthesis And Research Of Axiol Chrial Of Fluorescent Sensor And Fluorescent Dye
5. Study On Synthesis And Dyeing Behaviors On Silk Of Novel Orange Cationic Fluorescent Dye
6. The Synthesis And Properties Of Boron Fluoride Fluorescent Dye
7. Research Of Discriminate Recycled Fibers In The Sheet By Fluorescent Staining Method
8. Synthesis And Properties Studies Of Oligopyrrole Derivatives
9. Synthesis Of Rhodamine And Its Derivatives And Research Of Their Spectral Properties
10. Design, Synthesis And Application Of The Quinoline Derivatives/Novel FRET Platform
11. Based On The Synthesis And Application Of Near Infrared BODIPY Fluorescent Dye
12. Biological Labeling Fluorescent Dye And Free Radical Chlorination Reaction
13. Multi-molybdic Acid - Preparation Of Composite Film Of The Organic Fluorescent Dye Molecules And Layer Between The In Situ Photochemical Interaction Research
14. .1,8 - Naphthalic Anhydride Class Of Water-soluble Fluorescent Dye Synthesis And Characterization,
15. Synthesis Of New Red Fluorescent Dye Dcjtb
16. Improved Synthesis Of New Red Fluorescent Dye Dcjtb
17. .1,8 - Naphthalimide Fluorescent Dye Synthesis And Applications
18. Oil-soluble 1,8 - Naphthalimide Fluorescent Dye Synthesis And Application Of Research
19. A Zero-Background Fluorescent Probe For Hg2+ Designed Via The "Covalent-Assembly" Principle And Research On Properties Of The Coumarin Fluorescent Dyes With Large Hindrance Steric
20. Study On Photostabilityand Quantitative Structure-activity Relationship Of Hemicyanine Fluorescent Dye
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