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Keyword [Functional micro-nano materials]
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1. Electrochemical Preparation Of Functional Micro-nano Materials And The Oscillatory Electrocatalytic Oxidation Of Small Bio-organic Molecules
2. Preparation Of Micro-nano Materials Of Gold And Composite Silver Salts And Their Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering And Catalytic Performance
3. Design, Synthesis And Application Of Functional Micro-Nano Materials
4. Synthesis, Characterization And Property Study Of Several Functional Micro/nano Materials Based On Glucose
5. Controlled Synthesis Of Functional Micro/Nano Materials And Their Electric Catalytic And Sensor Research
6. Synthesis And Assembly Of Functional Micro/nano-Materials For The Bio-application
7. Controlled Fabrication And Property Studies Of Functional Micro/Nano Materials
8. Fabrication Of The Functional Micro/nano Materials And Their Applications In Environmental And Biological Analysis
9. Preparation Of Functional Micro/nano Materials With Schiff-base Dynamic Covalent Bond
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