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1. Study On Electrocatalysis And Biosensing Of Nanomaterials
2. Novel Magnetic Separation Methods Based On Micro-and Nano-Particles
3. Synthesis, Formation Mechanism And Optical Properties Of Gold And Silver Nanoparticles And Nanoshells
4. Noble Metal Nanoparticles Involved Chemiluminescence
5. Study On The Preparation And Applications In Spectral Analysis Of Gold Nanoparticles
6. Study Of The Inhibitive Films On The Surface Of Iron And Steel
7. Modification And Assembly Of Gold Nanoparticles With Lysine And Lysine Peptide
8. Controllable Soft Template For The Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles
9. Self-assembly Of Inorganic Nanoparticles And/or Macromolecules Driven By Host-Guest Inclusion Complexation
10. Preparation And Applications Of Environmental Electrochemical Sensors Based On Gold Nanoparticles And Three-dimensional Monolayers
11. Synthesis, Characterizations And Properties Of Functionalized Gold Nanomaterials And Their Applications In Chemiluminescence Sensors
12. Studies On Optical Imaging Methods Using Nanoparticles As Probes
13. Study On The Preparation And Optical Performance Of Ordered Structure Of Silver And Gold Nanoparticles
14. Metal Nanoparticles Initiated Chemiluminescence Reactions And Their Applications In Immunoassays
15. DNA-Controlled Self-Assembly Of Hybrid Nanostructures And Functioning Nanomachines
16. Studies On The New Enhanced Chemiluminescence System And Its Application In Immunoassay
17. Gold Nanoparticles Stabilized With Functionalized Ionic Liquids: Catalysis In Liquid Phase Oxidation
18. Synthesis And Properties Of Surface-Controlled Metal Oxides Micro/Nanocrystals, Application Of Nanocrystals In Biomolecular Detection
19. A Study On The Preparation Of Mn(Ⅲ)TPP-Au/SiO2 Composite Catalyst And Its Catalytic Performance For Aerobic Oxidation Of Cyclohexane
20. Mechanism Study For Shape-Control Of The Gold And Silver Nanoparticles By Chlorine Ions
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