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1. Stdies On Displacement Cooking And Bleaching Of Straw
2. Treatment Of Phenolic Organic Pollutants In Aqueous Solution By US/UV Catalytic Oxidative System
3. Treatment Of Organic Pollutants In Aqueous Solution By Homogenous And Heterogeneous Advanced Oxidation Processes
4. Study Of The Direct Catalytic Amination And Hydroxylation Of Benzene
5. Oxidation Of Herbicides 2,4-D By Ozone And Ozone Combined With Hydrogen Peroxide
6. Study On The Removal Techniques Of Microcystins From Micro-polluted Water
7. Treatment Of Ortho-Dichlorobenzene In Aqueous Solution By Homogenous Advanced Oxidation Processes
8. Study On Mechanical Degumming And Alkali-H2O2 One Bath Processing Of Hemp
9. Studies On Hydrogen Peroxide Displacement Bleaching Processes And Mechanisms Of E. Globulus CTMP
10. Direct Synthesis Of Hydrogen Peroxide Via Hydrogen-Oxygen Plasma And Its Use In The Gas-Phase Epoxidation Of Propylene
11. Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Photocatalytic Composite Oxides
12. Study On Nano-TiO2 Sensitized With H2O2 And Its Visible Light Activity
13. Identification Of Copper-induced Proteins And The Role Of CuZn-SOD In Copper-induced Antioxidant Defense In Elsholtzia Haichowensis
14. Study On Nano-Palladium And Palladium-Ruthenium As Catalysts For H2O2 Electroreduction
15. Research On Reinforced Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Of Poplar CMP And Bleaching Mechanism
16. Theoretical Study For The Catalytic Activity Of Gold And Gold-Platinum Noble Metal Nanomaterials
17. Gold Nanoparticles, ZnO Nanostructures: Applications In The Cancer Treatment And Biosensing
18. Preparation Of The Silicon Nanowires Array And Its Application In Chemical And Biological Sensors
19. Study On Treatment Of Dye Wastewater By Combination Of Ultrasound And Exfoliated Graphite
20. Application Of Fenton Reaction System In Spectrophotometric And Fluorometric Detection Of Hydrogen Peroxide
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