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1. Chiral Separation And Pharmacological Profile Of Doxazosin Enantiomers
2. Study On The Extraction And Purification Process Of Flavonoids And Glycyrrhiz Acid From Licorice
3. The Preparation Of Granule Lecithin And High Phosphatidylcholine Content Lecithin And Study On The Surface Physical Properties
4. Study On Novel Liquid Chromatography-Electrochemical Detection And Its Application In Neuroscience
5. Study And Application On Methods And Mechanism Of Separation Of Crocin In Saffron (Crocus Sativus L.)
6. New Technologies Of Bio-mass Spectrometry And Their Applications In Disease Proteomics
7. Interaction Of Metal Ions And Biopolymers Studied With Microdialysis/HPLC
8. Preparation Of Cellulose Derivative-based Chiral Stationary Phases For Separation Of Enantiomers
9. Sorption And Transport Of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds In Soil-Water System Studied By Liquid Chromatographic Method
10. Application And Study Of The Enantioselective Separation Of Chiral Drugs By HPLC
11. Study On The Preparation And Characterization Of Lewis Bases Modified Zirconia Stationary Phases For High Performance Liquid Chromatography
12. Reaction And ESI-MS Studies Of Peptide Formation From Amino Acids Assisting By Phosphorus Reagents
13. Study On The New Technology For Separation And Preparation Of Bioactive Compounds From Eucommia In High Pure Form
14. Studies On Material Basis Of Three Herb Couples
15. Study On The Degree Of Polymerization And Bioactivities Of Grape Seed Procyanidins
16. Study On The Production Of Vanillin By Bioconversion
17. Preparation Of Series Sulfated Oligosaccharides And Their Structural And Sequential Analysis
18. Silica-based Capillary Monolithic Column For μ-HPLC: Studies Of Fabrication, Modification And Chromatographic Characterization
19. Studies On Isolation And Purification Of Ginkgolic Acids And Their Bioactivities
20. Study On Isolation, Identification, Bioactivity And Biosynthesis Of Maituolaimycin Inhibiting HIV PR And CVB6
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