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Keyword [Hot corrosion]
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1. Study On Arc-Sprayed Cored Wires And Wear Properties Of Coatings
2. High-temperature Oxidation And Hot Corrosion Behaviors Of Several High-temperature Protective Coatings
3. Effect Of Reactive Element Yttrium On The High Temperature Corrosion Behavior Of Sputtered Nanocrystalline Coating Of Ni-based K38 Superalloy
4. Study Of Surface Strengthening And Repairing Technique Of Thin Wall Components By Laser Cladding
5. Investigation On Arc Ion Plated Ti-Al-Cr High-temperature Protective Coatings On Ti-60 Alloys
6. Study On Microstructure And Physical Properties Of A2Zr2O7 -type Rare-earth Zirconates
7. Study On Cobalt Based Novel Co-Al-W Superalloys Design, Preparation And Properties
8. Research On Surface Modification Of DD3 Single Crystal Superalloy Treated By HCPED
9. Development Of Nickel-Base Cored Wire Against Corrosion And Erosion At Elevated Temperature
10. Study On The Overlaying Property And Hot Corrosion Resistance Of Fe3Al Alloy Overlayer
11. Study On Al-Base Cored Wire And High Tempreture Protection Performance Of Its Coating By Arc Spraying
12. Study On Corrosion Behaviors Of Fe-based And Ti-based Alloy In Molten LiCl-Li2O
13. Microstructure And Properties Of AIP NiCoCrAlY(SiB) Coatings
14. High Temperature Oxidation, Hot Corrosion And Thermal Fatigue Behavior Of GH4698 Superalloy
15. Effects Of O2 Partial Pressure On Corrosion Behaviors Of 316L Stainless Steel In Molten LiCl-Li2O
16. Research On Microstructure And Hot Corrosion Behaviors Of The Ni-base Superalloy Manufactured By Plasma Deposition
17. Study On High Temperature Oxidation Resistance And Hot Corrosion-resistant Of Al-Si-Y Coating
18. Improvement Of Hot Corrosion Resistance Of Casted Nickel-base Superalloy M17L
19. Investigation Of Hot Corrosion Resistance For New-type Austenitic Stainless Steel Welded Joints
20. Investigation Of Hot Corrosion Resistance For P92 And P122 Ferrite Heat Resistance Steel Welded Joints
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