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1. Preparation And Research Of Alumina Matrix Ceramic Composite Reinforced By Mullite And Silicon Carbide Particle
2. Syntheses And Structures Of Novel Microporous Germanate Molecular Sieves
3. Study On Hydrothermal & Solvothermal Synthesis Of Metastable Phases Of Functional Materials
4. Syntheses And Structures Of Novel Microporous Gemanate-based Molecular Sieve Materials
5. The Low-temperature Combustion Reaction Of Methane Over Pd-supported Zeolite Catalysts
6. Hydrothermal Synthesis And Research Of Gallium Phosphates (Gallium Phosphite) With Open-framework Under The Low Reactant System
7. Hydrothermal Syntheses And Characterization Of Inorganic-Organic Vanadium Selenite Hybrid Materials
8. Hydrothermal Syntheses, Structures And Characterizations Of Keggin-type POM Based Hybrids
9. Study On Synthesized Hydrated Silicate As Nano Powder Binding Materials
10. Synthesis, Characterization And Application Of Coordination Polymers With Ligands Containing Nitrogen And Oxygen Atoms
11. Hydrothermal Syntheses And Characterizations Of Metal Cluster Polymers And Coordination Polymers
12. Study On Ba-Ti-based Microwave Dielectric Ceramics By Hydrothermal Synthesis
13. Solution-Based Route To Transitional Metal Oxides One-Dimensional Nanostructures: Synthesis, Characterization And Their Properties
14. Syntheses And Properties Of Nanostructured Bi2Te3 Based Thermoelectric Materials
15. Quasi One-dimensional Nanomaterials: Chemical Solution Synthesis, Characterization And Application
16. Preparation And Hydrothermal Treatment Of Titanium Silicalite Catalyst And Course Of Propylene Epoxidation Reaction
17. Syntheses, Structures And Properties Of Supramolecular Assemblies Based On Organic Amines And Polyoxometalates
18. Synthesis Of Layered Materials And Their Environmental Applications
19. Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structural Characterization And Thermal Stability Of Open Framework Vanadium Phosphates
20. Studies On The Syntheses, Structures And Performances Of Polyoxometalates
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