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1. An Investigation On The Applying Fundamentals Of Powder Feeding Laser Cladding
2. Study On Technique Of Powder-Feeding Laser Cladding Adulterating Composite Coating With Ceramic And Forming Mechanism Of Coating
3. Synthesizing And Cladding Re-Bioceramic Composite Coating On Titanium Alloy With Laser Beam
4. Laser Cladding And Laser-induced Self-propagating Synthesis Of Zr-based Amorphous Alloys
5. Gradient Bioceramic Composite Coating Fabricated By Wide-Band Laser Cladding And Its Biocompatibility
6. Theoretical And Experimental Study On The Interaction Of Laser And Metal Powder Flow In The Laser Remanufacturing
7. The Study Of Key Technologies Of Gear Laser Surface Treatment
8. Study On Preparation And Mechanism Of Metal-Ceramics Composite Powders And Their Applications
9. Study Of Laser Modification And Alloying Of Ni-P Deposited Aluminum And Laser Cladding Of Aluminum-based Powders On Magnesium Alloys
10. An Investigation Of Cracking In Laser Cladding For High-Speed Wire Roller
11. Study On Laser Cladding Cobalt Based Alloy And Its Nano-composite Coatings
12. Study On Microstructure Characterizations And Properties Of Laser Cladding And Remelting On Surface Of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
13. Laser In-situ Fabricated, Microstructures, And Properties Of Ni3Si Based Composites
14. Study On Direct Fabrication Ni/TiC Functionally Gradient Materials By CO2 Laser Cladding
15. Study On Fe-based Amorphous-nanocrystalline Coatings By Laser Cladding
16. A Study Of Ceramic-Metal Composite Coating Technique Prepared By Laser-Induction Hybrid Cladding
17. Research On Mechanism And Process Of Laser Cladding Rapid Manufacturing Using Coaxial Inside-Beam Powder Feeding
18. The Study Of Controlling Cracks In Laser Clad Layer
19. Fabrication And Bioactivity Investigation Of Bioceramic Coating On The Surface Of Titanium Alloy By Laser Cladding
20. Study Of Surface Strengthening And Repairing Technique Of Thin Wall Components By Laser Cladding
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