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1. Rapid Solidification Of Undercooled Peritectic Alloys
2. Study On Uv Light Controlled Photo-polymerization And The Alignment Effect To Liquid Crystal Molecules
3. Studies Of V-shape Electric-optic Characteristics Of Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
4. The Studies Of Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Display
5. The Experimental Investigation And Numerical Simul Ation Of Liquid-temperature Couple About Liquid Steel Autogyration Stirring In Model
6. Study On Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Toughening Composite Resin Matrixes
7. Study On The Materials Of Liquid Crystal Photo-alignment Layers
8. The Synthesis And Characterization Of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polyimides (Slcpi) And The Study On Its Properties
9. The Simulation Study Of Molecule Dynamics On Transition Of Microstructure During The Rapid Cooling Process Form Al Liquid State(943K)to Amorphous State
10. The Heat Transfer Mechanism Of Material [Liquid-Solid] Rheologic Shaped Interface And The Extablishment Of Shaped Interface Based On The High Grad Of Change Of Temperature
11. Optimization Of Production Technology Of Recombinant Human Interferon-γ And Studies On Renaturation Of α-Chymotrypsin
12. Study On Performance Of Fluid Dynamics And Mass Transfer Of Compound Tray
13. Study On The Process And Mechanism Of Aromatic Aldehyde Preparation Via Liquid Autoxidation Of Mono-substituted Toluene
14. Research On The Fast Multivariate Optimization Method For Separation Of Complex Samples
15. Studies On Foundation Of Removal SO2, NOx From Flue Gas With Organic Absorbent
16. Flame Retardant Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Copolyesters And Their In Situ Composites With PET
17. Thermophysical Properties And Rapid Solidification Of Undercooled Metallic Melts
18. Study On Process Integration For Wastewater Minimization
19. Numerical And Experimental Investigation On Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow In A Bubble Column
20. Liquid/Liquid Two-phase Hydroformylation Of Oleyl Alcohol Based On Rhodium Catalysts
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