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1. Investigation Of Luminescence Of Organic Thin Films And Exploration For Luminescence Of Porous Silicon
2. Studies On The Luminescence Properties Of Organic Semiconductor LPPP And Related Problems
3. Fabrication And Photophysical Properties Of Rare Earth And Silicon-based Nanostructures
4. Syntheses, Structures And Properties Of Aromatic Carboxylate Complexes
5. Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanosized Rare Vanadate And Rare Phosphate Luminescence Materials
6. Study On The Synthesis And Optical Properties Of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanomaterials
7. Studies On Separation & Purification, Identification Of The Proanthocyanidins In Grape Seed Extract, And Their Antioxidation
8. Synthesis And Photophysical Properties Of Core-shell Nanohybrids Embedded With Rare Earth Complexes
9. Study On The Synthesis And Physical Properties Of ZnO-based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
10. Synthesis, Structure And Luminescent Properties Of Guanidinate (Amidinate) Based Zirconium And Lanthanide Complexes
11. Fabrication And Photoluminescent Properties Of One-dimensional Nanosized Luminescent Materials Doped With Rare Earth
12. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Properties Studies Of Metal Complexes Of Three Types Of Ligands
13. The Study On Synthesis And Luminescence Performance Of Meso-Arylpyrazolylporphyrin
14. Modified Silica-Based Luminescence Materials And Their Luminescence Mechanisms
15. Study On Preparation And Spectroscopy Properties Of A New Kind Of Rare-earth Free Activated Y2O2S-based Phosphor
16. Photoluminescence Performance Of Rare Earth Organic Complex And Its Composites
17. Several Oxide (Sulfide) Nanomaterials: Preparation And Optical Properties
18. Syntheses And Properties Of Lanthanide-doped Fluoride Nanomaterials As Luminescent Biolabels
19. Preparation And Properties Of Lanthanide-doped Fluorosilicate Transparent Glass-ceramics With Luminescence Behaviors
20. Studies On The Effects Of Two Herbicides On Anabaena Flos-aquae & Superweak Luminescence
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