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1. Synthesis Of Optically Active α-hydroxy Acid By Yeast Mediated Bioreduction And Properties Of The Dehydrogenase
2. Discovery Of Pseudomonas Sp. Esterase And Its Application In Preparation Of Chiral Mandelic Acids
3. Study On Synthesis And Process Of Unsymmetrical Benzodifuranones And Its Intermediates
4. Study On Synthesis, Resolution And Racemization Of α-cyclohexyl-mandelic Acid
5. Studies On Synthesis Of α-hydroxyarylacetic Acids & Its Intermediates
6. The Research On The Electrochemical Synthesis Of Ethylvanillin From Oxalic Acid
7. Study On The Optical Resolution Of Mandelic Acid And The Asymmetric Synthesis Of R-(-)-α-Cyclohexyl-mandelic Acid
8. Synthesis And Characterization Of Four Series Of Different Structural Aromatic Carboxylic Acid Complexes With Rare Earth For Solid State Reaction At Low Temperature And Studies On Property Of Complexes
9. Enzyme-Catalysed Optical Resolution Of Mandelic Acid
10. Preparation Of (R)-Mandelic Acid With Microorganism Whole-cell As Biocatalyst
11. Synthesis Of Chiral Aminoalkylphenols
12. Preparation And Application Of Phosphotungsticacid Supported On Silane-Modified Silica
13. Study On Synthesis Of Pregabalin And 2-substitutentpyrimidine Derivatives
14. Enzyme-Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydrolysis Of Ethyl Mandelate In Ionic Liquids
15. Production Of (R)-Mandelic Acid By Asymmetric Reduction With Saccharomyces Ellipsoideus GIM2.105
16. Enhancement Of Saccharomyces Ellipsoideus Asymmetric Reduction Efficiency For (R)-mandelic Acid Synthesis
17. Study On Extraction Of Lutein Esters And Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis Of Lutein Derivatives
18. Fermentation And Immobilization Of Recombinant E. Coli Expressing Nitrilase For Biosynthesis Of (R)-(-)-mandelic Acid From Mandelonitrile
19. Research On Extraction Separation Of Optically Active Mandelic Acid Ester Characteristics
20. Study On Electrochemical Sensors Based On Chiral Salen Metal Complexes
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