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1. The Appliance Of New Processing Aid In RPVC And The Study On HDPE Special Material For Plastic Pallet
2. Research On Melt Viscosity And Wall-slip In Micro-injection Molding Filling Flow
3. Experiment Research On The Influence Of Melt Viscosity On The Filling Flow In Micro-injection Molding
4. Design, Preparation And Study Of Novel Meta-substituted Plyimide Molding Powders
5. Synthesis And Characterization Of Thermoplastic And Thermosetthing Copolyimide From Isomeric Biphenyltetracarboxylic Dianhydrides (i-BPDA/s-BPDA)
6. The Melt Viscosity Characteristic Of Molecular Dynamics Simulation For RO/R2O-Al2O3-SiO2
7. The Rheological And Adhesion Properties Of EVA-based Hot Melt Adhesives
8. Foaming Properties And Model Research Of Food Packaging Material Based On PLA/Corn Straw Fiber
9. New Phenylethynyl Terminated Trifunctional Imide Matrix Resin And Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
10. Study On Synthesis And Properties Of High Perfor-mance Electronic Packaging Polyimide And Relat-ive Composite Laminates
11. Study On Liquid Molding Technologies For Polyimide Resin And Composites
12. The Research Of Viscosities Of Metal Melts Under The Magnetic Field
13. The Synthesis And Modification Of Thermosetting Polyimides From A-ODPA
14. Relative Research On Melt Viscosity And Elasticity And Thermal Stability Characteristics Of Rapidly Solidified Al-based Alloys
15. The Design Of Fluid Viscosity Measuring Device At High Pressure And Experimental Study Of Polymer Melt Viscosity Pressure Sensitivity
16. Study Of Phenylethynyl-terminated Polyether P-polyimide Matrix Resins And Its Carbon Fiber Composites
17. Studies On Rheological Properties Of Semi-dilute Solution And Melt Of Polyolefin Elastomers
18. Experimental Study On The Viscosity Of Mg-Al Alloys And Magnesium Matrix Composites
19. Synthesis And Structure Properties Of Multifunctional Hindered Amine-modified Polyamide 6
20. Study On Structure Regulation And Thermal Conductivity Of Poly(Butylene Succinate) Ionomers
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