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1. Mercury Ion Fluorescent Molecular Sensors Based On Polyamide Receptors
2. Design, Synthesis And Mechanism Study Of Sulfonamide Derivatives As Fluorescent Sensors For Mercury Ions
3. Preparation And Fluorescence Behavior Of Supramolecular Complex Based Cyclodextrins-containing Chromophores
4. Studies On The Optical Chemical Membranes For Mercury Ion Based On Organically Modified Sol-gel
5. Study Of Mercury And Silver Ions Recovery From Waste Water By Calixarene And Its Derivatives
6. Synthesis And Properties Of Metal Ion Imprinted Polymers
7. Design And Synthesis Of Hg(Ⅱ)-Induced Ratiometric Fluorescent Chemosensor Based On Aminonaphthalimide Derivatives
8. Study On The Design And Application Of The Fluorescence Sensors For Mercury (Ⅱ) Based On PET
9. Application Of Nanoprobes In Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions
10. Design And Application Of The Fluorescence BODIPY-based Sensors For Mercury
11. Synthesis Of Amides Probes And Their Application In The Detection Of Hg(Ⅱ)
12. Synthesis Of A Fluorescent Molecular Probe 4-bis(2-hydroxyethyl Amino)-ethylamino-N-n-butyl-1, 8-naphthalimides
13. Study On Synthesis And Application Of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nano Composite Particles And Gold Nanorods
14. Spectral Analysis Studies Of Mercury Ion By Using Sulfide Or Gold Nanoparticles
15. Synthesis Of New Functionalized Quantum Dots And Their Application In Analytical Chemistry
16. Preparation Of CdS-based Composite Nano-fluorescence Probes And Their Applications
17. Mercury Probes Based On Optical Information Changes Of Hemicyanime And Rhodamine Deravitives
18. Synthesis Of Novel Heterocyclic Receptors And The Recognition Properties
19. Synthesis And Application Of Having Amide (Hydrazine) Water-soluble Cationic Polythiophene Derivatives
20. Chiral Polvmer-based Chemosensors For Metal Ions
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