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Keyword [Metal matrix composites]
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1. A Unified Macro-and Micro-mechanics Constitutive Model And Its Applications For Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
2. The Research On Machinability Of Al2O3f+Cf/ZL109 Hybrid Composites
3. Research On The Design, Fabrication, And Properties Of Steel/Zinc Aseismic Metal Matrix Composites
4. Research On Welding Technology And Mechanism Of Particulate Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
5. Microstructures And Mechanical And Corrosion Behavior Of Silicon Carbide Particle Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
6. Preparation And Investigation Of Metals And Metal-Al2O3 Inert Anodes For Aluminum Production
7. Study On TLP Diffusion Bonding Of Magnesium-based Metal Matrix Composites (TiC_p/AZ91D)
8. Study On Electrodeposition Process And Properties Of Self-lubricating Cu-graphite And Ni-graphite Metal Matrix Composites
9. Research On Dynamic Properties Of Metal Matrix Composites SiCp/2024Al Reinforced With High Particle Volume Fractrion
10. Vacuum-free Semi-solid Diffusion Brazing Of SiCp/ZL101A Composites By The Aid Of Vibration
11. Research On High-intensity Ultrasonic Stirring Fabrication And Corrossion Resistance Of Nano-CeO2p/Zn-4.5%Al-RE-Mg-Ti Composites
12. Direct Laser Sintering Of Cu-Based Metal Powder: Key Processes And Basic Mechanisms
13. Combustion Synthesis Reaction Mechanism Of Ni-Ti-C/B4C Systems
14. Mechanisms For Ultrasonic Assisted Wetting And Bonding Of Aluminum Based Composites By Liquid Filler And Their Applications
15. Study On In Situ Synthesized Ceramic Phase Reinforced Fe-based Coating By Laser Cladding
16. Jioning Interface Behavior Of SiC/Zn-Al And Strengthening Mechanism Of Bond Metal With Aid Of Ultrasonic Vibration
17. Discrete Dislocation Studies On Several Topics Associated With The Micro-indentation Size Effects
18. Solidification Of SiC_w/Al-18Si Composites Prepared By Squeeze Casting
19. Pulsed Electrodeposition Preparation Of Nano Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
20. Study On Microstructure And Wear Resistance Of In Situ Synthesis Of Ceramic Phase Reinforced Fe-Based Coating
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