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1. Studies On Foundation Of Removal SO2, NOx From Flue Gas With Organic Absorbent
2. Study On The Separation Of Azeotropic Organics/Water Mixtures By Using Inorganic Salts
3. The Determination, Correlation And Calculation Of The Excess Enthalpies For The Binary System Of Alcohols And Esters
4. Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Measurement And Modeling For Sytems Containing Ionic Liquids
5. The Determination And Correlation Of The Excess Enthalpies For The Binary System Of Alcohols+(Ketones, Or+Ionic Liquids) And The Application Of COSMO-type Model
6. Vapor-liquid Equilibria Of Maleic Anhydride Plus Organic Solvents And Phase Behavior Calculation Of Binary Systems At High Pressures
7. The Determination, Correlation And Prediction Of The Excess Enthalpies For The Binary System Of Alcohols + Ketones
8. Research On Comparison Of Wilson,T-K-Wilson And NRTL Equations In The Calculation Of The Thermodynamic Properties Of Liquid Alloys
9. Vapor Liquid Equilibrium In Alkane-Alcohol-Alcohol System
10. Study On Liquid-liquid Phase Equilibrium Of Water/mixture Solvent System And Applications Of Extraction And Separation
11. Green Process For Preparation Of 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-Furanone
12. Construction Of Double Circulating Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Device And Measurement Of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data
13. Study On Phase Equilibrium Related With Separation Of Acetic Acid-Water System
14. The Research On The Separation Of Azeotrope System With Ionic Liquids
15. The Green Application On Extraction Separation Ethanol-Water With Ionic Liquids
16. Basic Research On Application Of Ionic Liquids For Extractive Distillation Of Aqueous Azeotrope Mixtures
17. Solubilities Of Cholesterol And Desmosterol
18. Liquid-Liquid Phase Equilibrium Of Biodiesel Systems
19. Thermal Stability Of DMSO And Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Of DMSO Aqueous Solution
20. Studies On The Excess Properties Of Binary Systems Of Diketones And Alcohols
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