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1. Optical Properties Of Nano-semiconductor-materials And Their Applications
2. Preparation And Study Of Machanism Of Varistor Materials Doped With Rare-earths Oxide And Nano ZnO
3. Preperation And Characterization Of Nano-Carbon And Nano-ZnO Particles In Micropous Crystals
4. Preparation And Characterization Of ZnO Nanoparticles By Oxidation Of Metallic Zinc In H2O2 Solution
5. Study On Preparation Of Nano ZnO-based Gas Sensors And Application To Combusive And Explosive Detection
6. Preparation And Bio-safe Assessing Of Several Nanomaterials Including Nano-ZnO, Nano-Mn3O4 And Ce-doped Nano-TiO2
7. Preparation, Property And Application Of Disodium Alkyl Diphenyl Ether Disulfonate
8. Study Of Morphologically Controllable Synthesis And Their Properties Of ZnO Nanocrystals
9. Studies On Controllable Preparation Of Oxide Nanopowder Via A Wet Chemical Process
10. Study On Anticorrosion Properties Of Inhibitor Intercalated Hydrotalcite-like Compounds/Oxide Materials For Mg Alloy Protection
11. Study On Wet-chemical Preparation And Gas-Sensing Property Of Metal Oxide Nano-materials
12. Study Of Damping And Underwater Acoustic Absorptin Properties Polyurethane Matrix Composites
13. A Study On Preparation And Characterization Of Inorganic Materials/Poly (Vinylidene Fluoride) Composite Ultrafiltration Membranes
14. Controlled Synthesis And Photo Catalytic Performance Of Nano ZnO Materials With Different Morphology
15. Study On Optical And Electrical Properties Of ZnO Nanomaterials Doped With Al And Rare Earth Elements
16. Study On Photocatalytic Property Of ZnO And Its Composits
17. Relationship Between Electrical Performances And Grain Boundary Characteristics Of Oxide Varistor Ceramics
18. Study On The Preparation Of Nano-ZnO And Its Polymer Composites
19. Investigation On Preparation And Properties Of The Nanometer UV Irradiation Shield Transparent Coatings
20. Rheological Behavior, Crystallization Kinetics And Mechanical Properties Of Bimodal Polyethylene And Their Blends
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