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1. Collective Damage Evolution Of Short Fatigue Cracks Under Elevated Temperature And Its Simulation
2. Surface Modification Of Pure Aluminum By High Current Pulsed Electron Beam
3. The Experimental Investigation And Numerical Simul Ation Of Liquid-temperature Couple About Liquid Steel Autogyration Stirring In Model
4. Study On Visualization Simulation Of Roll Forming Process Based On Finite Strip Method
5. 3-D FEM Analysis Of Forming Laws In Precision Forging Process Of Blade
6. Numerical Simulation And Parameter Description On Solidification Structure Of Twin-roll Thin Strips
7. The Study And Application Of Three-dimensional Circumfluence And Water Quality Numerical Simulation In The Shallow Sea And Lake
8. Study On Removing Flue Gas Entrained By Regenerated Catalyst
9. Prediction Of Discontinuities Of Deep Rock Masses And It's Application To Engineering Stability Of Petroleum Well-wall
10. Study On Simulation And Intelligent CAPP Of Forging Process For Steam Turbine Rotor
11. Study On Shape Control Features Of Hydraulic Bulging Roller And Key Technology
12. Numerical Simulation Of Dendritic Growth In Pure Material's Solidification Process
13. Numerical Simulation, Optimization And Control Of Filling Process In Injection Molding
14. Interfacial Momentum Transfer During The Relaxation Process Of High Speed Gas-droplet Two-phase Flow
15. Preparation And Quasi-isentropic Compressive Characteristics Of W-Mo-Ti Flier-plate With Graded Wave Impedance
16. Study On Fabrication And Performance Of TiB2-BN Multiphase Ceramics
17. Influences Of Gravity On Lean Premixed V-Flames Of Weak Turbulence
18. Phase-field Simulation Of The Dendrite Growth In Undercooled Melt
19. Study On Oil, Gas, Water Three-phase Displacement Mechanism And Numerical Simulation Of The Volcanic-Rock Fractured Bottom-Water Reservoir
20. The Annular Flow Numerical Simulation Of Cementing Slurry And The Control Method Research Of Cementing Quality
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