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1. Photoluminescence Performance Of Rare Earth Organic Complex And Its Composites
2. Phytoremediation Of Heavy Metal-Organic Complex In Dredged Sewage River Sediment
3. Preparation, Structure And Properties Of Rare Earth Organic Complex Doped Silica Gel Glass
4. Synthesis, Structure And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Metal Phosphor Coordination Complexes
5. Rare Earth Elements In Organic Complexes Derivative Absorption Spectra And Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics And Its Analytical Application
6. The Preparation Of Metal Organic Complexes M-tcnq Micro-nano Structure And Hydrogen Absorption Properties
7. Several - Dimensional Nanostructure Materials Preparation And Application Of Research
8. Studies On Assembly And Properties Of Inorganic-organic Complex Pigments With Supramolecular Intercalated Structure
9. Contamination And Bioremediation Of Heavy Metal-Organic Complex In Urban Sewage River Sediment
10. Study On The Preparation And The Properties Of High Luminescent Rare Earth Complex/Rubber Composites
11. The Structure And Bonding Linkage Mechanism Of The Calcium Silicate Hydrates Contained The Organic Complex Molecule
12. Preparation Of Rare Earth Light Conversion Agents And Their Application In Agricultural Films
13. Synthesis And Characterization Of Near-infrared Luminescent Materials Containing Erbium For Organic Waveguide Amplifier
14. In-Situ Synthesis And Spectral Property Investigation Of Tb Organic Complex In SiO2 Gel
15. Preparation And Application Of Polyacrylamide And Polysilic Aluminium Ferric Flocculants
16. Synthesis And Characterization Of Luminescent Polymeric Colloidal Crystals Containing Rare Earth Complexes
17. Relationship Between Structural Characteristics And Constituent Chemical Bonds
18. Behaviors Of Electrons In Organic-inorganic Complex Electroluminescence Device
19. Synthesis And Characterization Of Near-infrared Luminescent Materials Containing Erbium And Ytterbium For Organic Waveguide Amplifier
20. Synthesis And Characterization Of Rare Earth Erbium Organic Complex With Near-infrared Optical Property
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