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1. Reaction Path Study Of Preparation Ti3SiC2/SiC Compound Materials By TiC/Si Solid Reaction
2. Formation Criteria Of Ternary Quasicrystals And Their Applications In The Al-Ni-Fe And Ti-Zr-Ni Systems
3. The Application Of 3D Imaging Technique On Solid-liquid Adsorption Researches
4. Formation Of Intermetallic Phases In Al-rich Part Of Ternary Alloy Systems Containing Transition Metals
5. Application And Preparation Of Wool's Keratin Solution
6. Phase Diagram Calculation And Fabrication Of Multi-components Zirconia-based Ceramics
7. Study On The Phase Equilibrium Of The Quaternary System Sodium Sulfate + Sodium Chloride + Hydrogen Peroxide + Water And Thermal Decomposition Kinetics Of The Adduct Formed Among The System
8. Thermodynamic Assessment And Experimental Investigation Of BaO-SrO-TiO2-ZrO2 System
9. Phase Diagrams And Electrochemistry Of Rare Earth-Nonferrous Metals
10. Investigation On Phase Equilibriums, Phase Transformation And Diffusion At Low Cu Side In Al-Zn-Cu Ternary System
11. A Study On Design, Preparation Of Refractory Ceramic Coating Materials Containing Nano-Nickel Particles, Properties Of The Coating, Interface Reaction And Elements Diffusion Between Substrate And The Coating
12. Effects Of Size And Pressure Of Nanocrystals
13. Study Of The Boundary Theory Of Phase Diagram And Its Application
14. α(α2)/γ Phase Equilibria In Ti-Al-∑X(X=B, C, Fe, Si, Cr, Nb) Multi-Component Systems
15. Research Of Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl Alcohol)(EVOH) Microporous Membrane Preparation Via Thermally Induced Phase Separation
16. Dependences Of Size And Pressure On The Melting Temperature Of Nanocrystals
17. Study On Bulk Glass-Forming Ability Of Binary Alloys
18. The Preparation And Structure-Properties Study Of Polyimide Fibers With Biphenyl Side Chains
19. Investigation Of The Phase Relations In The Mg-RE Alloys
20. Study On The Molten Salt Phase Diagrams Of Alkali Halide And Molybdate Systems
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