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1. The Studies Of Coordination Behavior Of Fourth Period Trace Elements With Biological Ligands
2. A Study On Stable And Metastable Equilibria In Quinary System Li~+, Na~+, K~+//CO3~2, B4O7~(2-)-H2O At 288K
3. Study On The Phase Equilibrium And Crystallization Separation Of Synthetic Nitro-musks
4. Study On The Phase Equilibrium Of The Quaternary System Sodium Sulfate + Sodium Chloride + Hydrogen Peroxide + Water And Thermal Decomposition Kinetics Of The Adduct Formed Among The System
5. Study On The Chemical Production Of 1,2-Cyclohexanediol From Cyclohexylene
6. Phase Equilibrium Of Concentrating Natural Vitamin E By Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fractionation
7. Investigation On Phase Equilibriums, Phase Transformation And Diffusion At Low Cu Side In Al-Zn-Cu Ternary System
8. Study On Phase Equilibrium Of Polar And Nonpolar Solute In Supercritical Fluids With Cosolvents
9. Study On The Separation Of Azeotropic Organics/Water Mixtures By Using Inorganic Salts
10. α(α2)/γ Phase Equilibria In Ti-Al-∑X(X=B, C, Fe, Si, Cr, Nb) Multi-Component Systems
11. The Thermodynamic Analysis Of Alloy Systems Used In Zinc Bath Of Hot-dipping Galvanizing And Its Applications
12. Studies On The Phase Equilibrium Of Me~(2+)-NH4~+-SO4~(2-)-H2O System And The Preparation Of Mn-Zn Soft Magnetic Powders By Direct Method
13. Excess Free Energy-Equation Of State Mixing Rule And Combined Chemical And Phase Equilibrium
14. Study On The Thermodynamic Properties Of Microemulsion Formed In Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
15. Research On Two Types Of Stochastic Optimization Algorithm And Their Applications In Chemical Engineering
16. Study On Oils Extraction And Cyanogenic Glycosides Elimination With Two-liquid-phase System And Resulting Protein Characterization Of Flaxseed
17. Study On Engineering Foundation Of Comprehensive Utilization Of Mixed Dibisic Acids
18. The Liquid-solid Equilibria Of The System Na~+, K~+, Mg~(2+)//Cl~-, SO4~(2-), NO3~--H2O At 298.16 K And Its Application
19. Application Of Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamic Method In Alloy Design For High Carbon Alloy Steel With Ultra Fine Carbides
20. Study On Phase Equilibrium Of Extraction Aromatics Using N-formylmorphoiline And Its Simulation
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