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1. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
2. Study On Oligomerization Of Ethylene To Linear Low Carbon α-olefins By ⅣB,Ⅷ Groups Metal Complexes
3. Study On Enzyme Immuno-chemistry Of Organic Phosphorus Pesticides
4. Chemistry And Bioactivity Of The Heterocyclic Compounds Containing Phosphorus And Oxygen
5. Study On Removal Of Phosphorus In Wastewater With Natural Minerals And Steel Slag
6. The Study Of Two-Sludge Biological Denitrifying Phosphorus And Nitrogen Removal System
7. Status Quo Of The Water Pollution Of The Creeks In Suburban Shanghai And The Countermeasures
8. Synthesis And ESI-MS Studies Of Novel Liquid Peptide Libraries Directed By Phosphorus Reagents
9. Retention And Removal Effect Of Ditch Wetlands On Non-point Source Pollutants From Agricultural Drainage
10. Fundamental Study Of Short-cut Nitrification-denitrification Biological Nitrogen Removal And Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal
11. Biomonitoring Toxicity Of Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Heavy Metal In Water And Soil By The Phototactic Behavior Of Daphnia
12. Surface Treatment Of Nano/micro Materials And Its Application In Polymer Base Composites
13. Reaction And ESI-MS Studies Of Peptide Formation From Amino Acids Assisting By Phosphorus Reagents
14. Study On Technology And Solution Chemistry Of Inorganic Ion Wastewater Deep Treatment
15. Study On ERP-SBR Process For Nitrogen And Phosphorus Removal By Draining Out Anaerobic Rich Phosphate Supernatant
16. Research On Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using Spiral Up-Flow Reactor System
17. Syntheses And Applications Of Sulfur-Containing Aryl Polyphosphonates As Flame Retardants For Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate)
18. The Study On The Characteristics Of DASB And W-SFCW And The Sewage Treatment By DASB+W-SFCW Process
19. Theoretical Studies On Reactions Catalyzed By Transition-metal Complexes
20. Practical Study On Gray Forcasting Theory And Evaluation Methods In Water Environment
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