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Keyword [Photoluminescence]
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1. Synthesis Of CdS/Organic Nano-composite And Study Of Their Photoluminescence Properties
2. Synthesis, Characterization And Luminescent Properties Of Novel Soluble Polyimide Containing Fluorescent Dye In The Backbone
3. Designs And Syntheses Of Organic EL Materials Based On Calixarene & Studies On Their EL Properties
4. Investigation On The Optical Properties Of GaPN Alloy And The Transient Photoluminescence Of GaInP And AlGaInP Alloys
5. Studies On Spectroscopy Of Rare Earth Oxides And Minerals
6. The Formation And Characterization Of ZnCdSe Quantum Dots
7. Study On Oxidative-coupling Copolymerization Of Some Aromatic Molecules And The Light Emitting Properties Of The Products
8. Designs And Syntheses Of Copolymers Based On Fluorene And Studies On Their Light-Emitting Properties
9. Syntheses, Luminescent/Electroluminescent Properties And Quantum Chemistry Theoritical Studies Of Bis (salicyladimine) Complexes
10. The Effect Of Structure On Photoluminescence Properties Of Rare Earth Ions Doped Al2O3
11. Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanosized Rare Vanadate And Rare Phosphate Luminescence Materials
12. Research On The Preparation And Properties Of A Serial Of Molybdate Thin Films By Electrochemical Method
13. Synthesis, Photoelectric Properties And Theoretical Investigation Of Oligomeric P-phenylene Vinylene Derivatives
14. Studies Of The Preparations And Optical Properties Of ZnS/Organic Nanocomposites
15. Study On Synthesis, Structure And Functionization Of Ordered Mesoporous Materials
16. Photoluminescence And Structure Characteristics Of Er/Yb Co-doped Oxide Films And Related Optimization Theory Analysis
17. Modified Silica-Based Luminescence Materials And Their Luminescence Mechanisms
18. Preparation, Structure And Properties Of Silicon Serial Nanocrystalline Composite Films
19. Growth Of ZnO Whiskers And TiO2 Single Crystal With Floating Zone Method And Their Optic Spectra
20. Photoluminescence Performance Of Rare Earth Organic Complex And Its Composites
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