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1. Study On The Determination Of Gallium, Indium, Cobalt And Nickel By Photometric In Microemulsions
2. Study On Photometric Absorbing Spectral Analysis In Micro-fluidic Chips
3. Study On New Photometric Methods For Determination Of Proteins
4. The Measurement Of Content Of Cr~(6+) And Cr~(3+) In The Electrochromiuming Solution By Double-Waveleanth Photometric Method
5. Methods For Analysis Of Procyanidins In Hawthorn And Studies On Their Stability
6. Photometric Method Study On The Reaction Mechanism Of Small Organic Molecules With Proteins
7. Spectrophotometric Determination Of Formaldehyde In The Complex System Of Cobalt(Ⅱ)-Amine Compound,Synthesis And Structural Characterization Of 3-amino-4-aminomethyl-benzenesulfonate
8. Study On Objective Assessment System Of Fabric Smoothness Grade
9. Research Of The Distribution Of Sulphide Compounds In Natural Gas Plused-Flame Photometric Detector
10. Study On Rapid Determination Method Of Mn, Co, Ni And Pb In Water
11. The Analysis Of The Components In The Fluid Catalytically Cracked (FCC)Gasoline
12. Bis[6-oxygen-(3-m- Nitrobenzene Sulfonyl-amber Acid-1,4 Uniester-4)]-β-cyclodextrin Was Synthesized And Applied To Stationary Phase Of HPLC And Photometric Analysis
13. Study On Mechanism And Application Of Phtometric Sensors For Reducing Sugar Based On Complementary Color
14. Water Quality-Pilot Study On Improvement Of Determination Of Oil In Sediment By Infrared Photometric Method
15. The New Detection Methods Of Chlorpyrifos And Aflatoxin M1in Foods By The Chromatographia
16. Screening Of Ion-Pairing Probes And Devel-Opment Of Analysis Method For Phosphonic Acid And Phosphonate Pesticides
17. Photometric Research And Application In The Analysis Of The Amine Drugs
18. New Heterocyclic Triazenes, Photometric Color Synthesis And Applied Research
19. Study On The Determination Of Organotin Compounds In Foods
20. Studies On Microfluidic Chip Analysis Systems With Gas Diffusion Separation And Reflected Photometric Detection
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