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1. Study On Characters Of Wheat Straw Fiber And Technology Of UF/Wheat Straw Fiber Board
2. Investigation On Better Catalyst Preparation Via Cold Plasma Treatment
3. Study On The Preparation And Properties Of Polyacrylonitrile-Based Activated Hollow Carbon Fiber
4. On The Preparation Of Highly Efficient Catalysts Using Cold Plasma Treatment
5. Improvement Of The Antifouling Characteristics Of Polypropylene Microporous Membranes By Surface Modifications
6. Dimethyl Ether Conversion Using Plasmas
7. Anti-static Properties Of Acrylic Fibers By Plasma Treatment
8. Aging Of Surface Properties Of High Performance Fibers Treated With Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
9. Study On Preparation And Field Emission Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes Film Cathode
10. Effect Of Plasma Treatment On The Catalysts For Methane Conversion
11. Synthesis And Field Electron Emission Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanosheets, Graphene And Their Composites
12. On The Plasma Treatment Of Nickel Catalyst For Methanation
13. Preparation And Surface Modifications Of Braided Fiber Reinfocerd Resin Based Composites
14. Study On The Modification Of Aramid Surface And Its Composite Interface By Air Dbd Plasma Treatment
15. Plasma Treatment Of Mulberry Silk Fibers And Its Weighting Properties
16. Study On Surface Modification Of Catalysts For Partial Oxidation Of Methane To Syngas By Plasma Treatment
17. Measurement Of Temperatures During Plasma Treatment Of Catalysts
18. Study Of Low-temperature Plasma Treatment For Improving Print Adaptability Of Plastic Films
19. Graft Polymerization Of Acrylic Acid Onto Polyphenylene Sulfide Non-woven Initiated By Low Temperature Plasma
20. Plasma Treatment-reduced Pd/Al2O3 Catalyst For Glucose Oxidation To Sodium Gluconate
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