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Keyword [Quantum size effect]
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1. Synthesis Of CdS/Organic Nano-composite And Study Of Their Photoluminescence Properties
2. Studies Of The Preparations And Optical Properties Of ZnS/Organic Nanocomposites
3. Density Function Study Of The Interaction Between Silver Clusters And Atoms
4. Theoretical Studies Of Interaction Between Metal And Graphene And Molecular Clusters
5. Preparation And Photoelectronic Properties Of Q-CdS And Its Polymer Nanohybrid Films
6. The Synthesis, Characterization, And Properties Of CdS Nanostructures
7. Study On Preparation And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Sb2S3 Doped Sol-gel-derived Silica Glasses
8. Of Pb (2 +) (la (3 +), Ag)-tio <sub> 2 </ Sub> Optical Catalytic Materials Wet Chemical Method And Performance Research
9. First Principles Study Of Ceramic Materials Rbaco <sub> 4 </ Sub> O <sub> 7 </ Sub> And Pb Films Quantum Size Effect
10. The Melting Of The Sic Nanostructures And Electronic Characteristics Of The Quantum Size Effect
11. Quantum Size Effect Of Triangular Graphene With Zigzag Edges
12. Research On Surface Electronic Structure And Magnetism Of Several Kinds Of Nano-materials
13. Pulsed Laser Deposition Of Tin Oxide Epitaxial Thin Films And Band-gap Engineering Of SnO2
14. Preparation And Performance Analysis And Device Design Of Bismuth-based Thermoelectric Thin Films
15. Study On Quantum Size Effect Of ?-? Semiconductor Nanomaterials
16. Self-assembled nano-structures of lead on silicon(111) studied by SPA-LEED: Quantum size effect driven lead islands and the 'Devil's Staircase'
17. Surface-supported Ag islands stabilized by a quantum size effect: Their interaction with small molecules relevant to ethylene epoxidation
18. Interplay between quantum size effect and strain effect on growth of nanoscale metal thin film
19. In-plane thermoelectric properties of silicon/germanium superlattices
20. Synthesis,heteroatom Doping And Sensitive Detection Of Sulfur Quantum Dots With High Luminous Efficiency
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