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1. Studies On Preparation, Structure And Parameter Optimization Of Carbon Nanotubes And Light Element Compound Nanotubes
2. Studies On The Structure, Spectrum Of Nitroium And The Electron Transfer In Aromatic Nitration
3. UV Raman Spectroscopic Studies On The Phase Structure And Phase Transformation Of Zirconia And Doped Zirconia
4. Study On The Graphitization Degree And Structure Of Carbon/Carbon Composites
5. Studies On Supported Silver Catalysts Of Methanol Dehydrogenation To Anhydrous Formaldehyde And The Reaction Mechanism
6. Interaction Between Molecule And Metal Probed By Vibrational Spectroscopy
7. In-situ Observation On Domain Switching Of PLZT Ferroelectric Ceramics Via Raman Spectroscopy
8. Synthesis, Characterizations And Catalysis Of Al-SBA-15 And Fe-SBA-15 Mesoporous Materials
9. The Raman Spectral Techniques & Applications
10. The Blue Shift Of Unactivated Alkyl CH Stretching Modes And Intermolecular Interactions
11. Adsorption And Reaction Of Iron Protoporphyrin IX On Electrode Surfaces With In Situ Vibrational Spectroscopies
12. Novel High Temperature Raman Spectroscopic Techniques, Spectral Calculation And Their Application In Micro-structure Study Of Inorganic Materials
13. Fabrication Of Transition-Metal Nanostructures And Ultraviolet Laser Excited Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (UV-SERS)
14. Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering From Nanostructures Studied By Near-field Spectroscopy And Buried Molecule Systems
15. Synthesis Of Peapod (C60@SWNTs) And Investigation Of Their Structure And High Pressure Induced Phase Transition
16. Electrochemical Preparation Of Functional Micro-nano Materials And The Oscillatory Electrocatalytic Oxidation Of Small Bio-organic Molecules
17. Studies Of Metal Anode/Solution Interface Processes, Nanostructures And In Situ Raman Spectroelectochemistry
18. Fabrication And Characterization Of Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions
19. Electrochemical In-situ Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Study On The Adsorption And Oxidation Of Carbon Monoxide At Noble Metal Electrode Surfaces
20. Raman Spectroscopy And Electron Transport Of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
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