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Keyword [Rare earth element]
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1. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
2. Study On Arc-Sprayed Cored Wires And Wear Properties Of Coatings
3. Microstructural, Mechanical And Electrical Characteristics Of Cu-Ag Filamentary Microcomposites
4. Study On A PM Ti-Fe-Mo-Al Alloy For Automobile Use
5. Controllable Preparation, Structural Characterization And Application Of Rare Earth Element-Containing Layered Double Hydroxides
6. Studies On Bioremediation Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In Heavy Metal And Rare Earth Element-Contaminated Soil
7. Investigation On The Properties And Application Of Cerium Based Rare Earth Compounds
8. Microstructure And Martensitic Transformation And Mechanical Properties Of Ni-Mn-Ga-RE Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
9. Direct Laser Sintering Of Cu-Based Metal Powder: Key Processes And Basic Mechanisms
10. Effect Of Rare Earth On The Manufacture, Properties Of CrAlTiN And Their Mechanism
11. REVO4, REBO3 And REPO4 (RE=Rare Earth Element) Nanomaterials Constructed Via Solid Phase Hydrothermal Route And Their Fluorescence Properties
12. Research On Electromagnetic Suspension Casting And Alloy Strengthening Technology Of Wrought Magnesium Alloy
13. Preparation And Investigation Of BST-Based Temperature Stable Dielectric Ceramics For High Voltage Capacitor Applications
14. Research On Lanthanum Zirconate Thermal Barrier Coatings
15. Synthesis And Properties Of Cu-based Cu-Zr-Al Bulk Glassy Alloys
16. Microstructural, Mechanical And Electrical Characteristics Of Cu-Fe Filamentary Microcomposites
17. Effects Of Ga/In And Rare Earth Ce On Microstructures And Properties Of Brazed Joint Of Ag30CuZn Filler Metal
18. Rare Earth Elements In Organic Complexes Derivative Absorption Spectra And Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics And Its Analytical Application
19. Effects Of Ga/In And Rare Earth Ce On Microstructures And Properties Of Brazed Joint Of Ag30CuZnSn Filler Metal
20. BZT-Based Ceramics With Perovskite Type Structure: Preparation And Dielectric Properties
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