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1. Novel Core-shell Nanogels Prepared By Self-assembly Of Globular Proteins And Dextran And Its Applications As Drug Carriers
2. Study On Catalytic Pyrolysis Of FCC Gasoline And Kinetic Model For Two-Stage Riser Fluid Catalytic Cracking
3. Fabrication Of High Silicon Iron Alloy By Direct Powder Rolling Technique
4. Roll Compaction And Subsequent Heat Treatment Of Fe-Si Composite Powder
5. Themodynamic Analysis And Experimental Research On Solid-Gas Reaction Heat Transformer
6. Study On Treament Of Activated Sludge Of Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants By Supercritical Water Oxidation
7. Investigation On Preparation And Properties Of Micro/Nano Particles Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite
8. Determination And Calculation Of Direct Coal Liquefaction Reaction Heat
9. Research Of Acid Fracturing Temperature Field Model With Considering Acid-rock Reaction Heat
10. The Legal System Of Reaction Heat Treatment Preparation Of Nanocrystalline Wc-co Cemented Carbide Powder
11. Low Molecular Weight Sodium Polyacrylate Polymerization Process Optimization And Response Safety Studies
12. Molecular Design And Performance Predictions Of High-nitrogen Energetic Compounds
13. Improvement And Research Of Acid Fracturing Design Model And Sensitive Factors Analysis
14. Molecular Designs Of New Energetic Nitrogen-containing Heterocycle Compounds
15. Experimental Study Of Moisture Swing Adsorbent For CO2Capture From Ambient Air
16. The Research On Synthesis And Formation Heat Of The Chrysocolla
17. Research On Microstructures And Mechanical Properties Of B4C/Al Composites By Pressureless Infiltration Process
18. Hydrogen Peroxide Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexene Pilot Study On Green Synthesis Of Adipic Acid
19. Research On Material Transfer In Gas DRI Shaft Furnace And Temperature Field
20. Study On The Regulation And Intensification Of Easily Runaway Reaction Process
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