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1. The Application Of Fluorescence Analysis To Bioscience
2. Synthesis And Characterization Of Fluorescent Probes
3. Study On Treatment Of PAHs Dye Wastewater By Fenton Advanced Oxidation Process
4. Preparation And Fluorescence Behavior Of Supramolecular Complex Based Cyclodextrins-containing Chromophores
5. Studies On Preparation, Structure, And Properties Of Functional Nanocomposites With Core-shell Structure
6. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Fabrication Of Conjugated Polymer Fluorescent Nanoparticles
7. Molecular Self - Assembly Based On Naphthalene And Rhodamine
8. A Study On HTiNbO5 Nanosheets And Photocatalytic Degradation Of Rhodamine B Under Visible Light
9. Study Of Treatment Of Dye Wastewater Using Advanced Fenton-like Oxidation Technology
10. Preparation Of Functional Material Containing Fluorophore And Its Application In Fluorescent Sensing
11. Synthesis, Structure, Spectral Characteristics And Applications Of Rhodamine B-based Fluorescent Probes And Derivatives Of Pyrazoline,1,2,4-triazole And Thiazolo[3,2-b][1,2,4|Triazole
12. Application Of Flow-injection Chemiluminescence In The Pharmaceutical Analysis
13. Study On The Chemiluminescence Determination Of Ascorbic Acid And DNA Using Rhodamine B-Ce(IV) System
14. Photochemically Enhanced Fenton Reaction Used In The Degradation Of Water-soluble Dyes
15. Preparation, Characterization And Photocatalytic Activity Of Surface Modified TiO2
16. Preparation Of Polymer Hydrogels Materials And Water Swelling Rubber And Studies On Their Properties
17. Study And Application Of Chemiluminescence Detection Combined With Flow-injection-Analysis On The Pharmaceuticals
18. Low-temperature Preparation Of Well-aligned Titania Nanorods And Their Photocatalytic Activities
19. Synthesis, Characterization And Photocatalytic Behaviors Of Three Dimensionally Ordered Macroporous TiO2/Ta2O5 And TiO2/ZrO2 Nanoscale Photocatalysts
20. The Effect Of Heat Treatment On The Photocatalytic Properties Of Low-temperature Derived Titania Thin Films With Nanostructures
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