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1. Simulation And Experimental Research On Injection Molding Of Micro-structure Plastic Parts
2. Study On The Collaborative Manufacturing System Of The Injection Mold
3. Study On The Mould Heating And Cooling Method And Product Quality Control Technology Of RHCM Process
4. Formation Mechanism Analysis Of Sink Mark Defects And Parameters Optimization Of Injection Molding Process For Air-conditioning Plane Frame
5. Injection Parameter Optimization Of Car Headlights On CAE Technology
6. Simulation Of The Packing And Cooling Stage In External Gas-assisted Injection Molding
7. The Mechanism And Experimental Study On External Gas-Assisted Injection Molding
8. Experimental On External Gas-Assisted Injection Molding Of Crystallized Products
9. Research On Long Conveying PP Shrinkage Ratio And Forming Property
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