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1. FT-IR Spectroscopic Studies Of The Adsorption And Reaction Of Some Small Molecules On Supported Molybdenum Nitride Catalysts
2. Dielectric Theory Of Chemical Bond In Complex Crystals And Its Application In Materials Science
3. Studies On Preparation, Structure And Parameter Optimization Of Carbon Nanotubes And Light Element Compound Nanotubes
4. Studies On The Structure, Spectrum Of Nitroium And The Electron Transfer In Aromatic Nitration
5. Temporally And Spatially Extension Of Analytical Chemistry
6. Theoretical Studies On Molecular Vibrational Excited States And Photodissociation Dynamics Using Quantum Recursive Methods
7. Studies On Spectroscopy Of Rare Earth Oxides And Minerals
8. Study On The Relationship Between Dye Conformation And Absorption Spectroscopy
9. UV Raman Spectroscopic Studies On The Phase Structure And Phase Transformation Of Zirconia And Doped Zirconia
10. Study On Isolation And Identification Of Bioactive Natural Products From Marine Sponges
11. Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy On The Interfacial Adsorption Of Macromolecules
12. The Application Of Remote Sensing FTIR In Toxic Organic Compounds Measurement
13. A Study On Preparation, Separation And Properties Of The Porphyrin Complexes With Rare Earths, Lead And Cadmium
14. Study On The Graphitization Degree And Structure Of Carbon/Carbon Composites
15. Electrochemical In Situ Fast Time-Resolved Microscope FTIR Reflection Spectroscopy And Its Applications In The Studies Of Surface Dynamic Processes On Nanostructured Pt Electrodes
16. Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopic And Quantum Chemical Calculations Of The Reactions Of Metal Atoms With Methanol And Acetylene Molecules
17. Studies On Supported Silver Catalysts Of Methanol Dehydrogenation To Anhydrous Formaldehyde And The Reaction Mechanism
18. Studies On The Methodologies Of Process Analytical Chemistry For Traditional Chinese Medicine Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
19. Studies On Syntheses, Characterization, Luminescent Properties Of Metal Complexes With Bis(imino)pyridine Ligands
20. Studies On Delivery System Of Triptolide Loaded Polymer Nanoparticles
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