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1. Study On The Preparation And Application Of Cationic Starch With High Degree Of Substitution
2. Research On Deep-frying Process Of New Style Fast-food And Its Quality Improved By Oxidation Starch Phosphoric Acid Ester And Chitosan
3. Application Study On Ohmic Heating And Energy-efficient Electrostatic Drying Of Foods
4. Experimental Research And Computerized Simulation Of Full-hydrocyclone-networks For Separating Potato Starch Milk
5. Raw Starch Modification In Rice Noodles And Its Gelatination Mechanism Induced By Biological Fermentation Process
6. Preparations Of New Functional Starch Derivatives And Their Adsorption For Creatinine
7. Study On The Synthesis And Property Of Starch Graft Compolymers
8. Studies On Physicochemical Properties And Glycemic Index Determined By In Vitro Method Of Kudzu Starch And Lotus Starch
9. Studies On Starch Granularity Effect And Micronized Starch Based Degradable Material
10. Biodegradable Poly (1,4-dioxan-2-one)/Starch Blends: Preparation, Structures And Properties
11. Study On The Syntheses And Kinetics Of Self-crosslinking Graft Copolymers Of Starch
12. Preparation And Properties Of Supramolecular Complex Of β-Cyclodextrin Polymer Electrorheological Fluids
13. Study On The Properties And Retrogradation Mechanism Of Rice Starch
14. Research On The Affects Of Acid-enzyme Catalyzed Hydrolyzation On The Structure And Properties Of Starch Crystal
15. The Forming Mechanism Of Resistant Starch And Its Effect On Rheological Property Of Dough
16. Study On Modifying Starch By Chemical Method And Applications Of The Modified Starch In Food Industry
17. Preparation And Properties Of Carbon Nanomaterials Based On Biomaterials
18. Structures And Properties Of Thermoplastic Starch With Resistant Retrogradation
19. Experiment Study And Simulation On The Dry Processing Of Modified Starch Based On The Vortex Technology
20. Research On Starch Graft Copolymer As Warp Sizes Instead Of PVA
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