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1. Extraction Processes Of Organic Carboxylic Acids From Dilute Solutions Based On Chemical Complexation
2. Synthesis And Properties Of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Agents
3. Study On Engineering Foundation Of Comprehensive Utilization Of Mixed Dibisic Acids
4. Recovering Technology Of Adipic Acid And The Relative Fundamental Research
5. Metabolic Engineering Of Escherichia Coli For Improved Succinic Acid Production
6. Isolation, Metabolism And Breeding Of A Strain Producing Succinic Acid With Crop Straw Hydrolytes Including Pentose And Hexose
7. The Study On Reclaiming And Solubility Of Adipic Acid
8. The Study & Development Of High Level Pigment Intermediate-DMSS
9. The Technology And Foundation Study On Recovering Adipic Acid From The Waste Liquor Of Cyclohexane Oxidation
10. Metabolic Engineering Research For Succinic Acid Production In Escherichia Coli
11. Study On Separation Of Glutaric Acid From DBA And Kinetics Of Esterification
12. The Preliminary Study On Aerobic Fermentation Of Succinic Acid Produced By Mucor Racemosus SH-24
13. Investigation Of Self-Assembled Silica Photonic Crystals And Their Bandgap Properties
14. Preparation Of Hydroxide, SiC, Graphite Coatings And The Study On Their Infrared Emissivity
15. Study On The Electroless Nickel Plating Of Low-Phosphorous
16. Study On Extraction Technology Of Succinic Acid From Fermentation Broth
17. Metabolic Flux Analysis Of Actinobacillus Succinogenes In Succinic Acid Fermentation
18. Hydrolysis Of Jerusalem Artichoke By Inulinase Degrading Microorganism
19. Studies On The Fermentation Process Of Succinic Acid
20. Metabolic Flux Analysis Of E.coli Mutant For Succinic Acid Production By Fermentation Enhancing And 13C-labeling Techniques
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