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1. Thermophysical Properties And Rapid Solidification Of Undercooled Metallic Melts
2. Study On The Characteristics Of Liquid-Vapor Interface By Using Fractal Theory And Molecular Dynamics Simulation
3. Studies On Synthesis And Properties Of Various Alkyl Methylnaphthalene Sulfonate Surfactants And Environmentally Benign Catalysts Promoted Long-chain Alkylations Of Methylnaphthalene
4. Synthesis And Properties Of Aryl Oleic Acid Surfactants
5. Study Of Activating Welding And Numerical Simulation Of Mechanism Of Weld Penetration Increased By Flux
6. Researches On The Forming Process And Forming Mechanism Of Anodic Alumina Films With Ordered Nano-pore Structure
7. Research On The Mechanism Of Undercut Formation And High Speed Welding Technology
8. Investigations On Structures And Properties Of Regenerated Bombyx Mori Silk Fibroin In Aqueous Solutions
9. Study On The Synthesis Of Sodium 2-hydroxy-3, 5-alkylbenzenesulfonates And Their Physicochemical Properties
10. Investigation On Low Temperature Sn-Zn Base Lead-Free Solder Alloys
11. Mixed Monolayer Of Macromolecule And Small Molecule At Air/Water Interface
12. Study On Microscope Characteristics Of Interface By Molecular Dynamics Simulation
13. Synthesis And Properties Study Of Anionic Gemini Surfactants
14. Investigation On Colloidal Properties And Inkjet Performance Of Waterbased Pigment Red 122 Dispersion
15. Interaction Between Cyclodextrin And Alkyltrimethyl Ammonium Bromide & The Role In Dispersion Of Carbon Nanotubes And Preparation Of Calcium Carbonate
16. Multistage Purification Behavior For MG10GD3Y0.5ZR Alloy
17. Research On Fast Testing Surface Tension Of The Molten Alloy And Real-time Evaluating Relative Quality Parameters
18. Study On The Synthesis And Physicochemical Properties Of Novel Cationic And Zwitterionic Surfactants
19. Study On Synthesis And Application Performance Of High-surface-active Hyperbranched Amphiphilic Polymers
20. The Development Of Surface Tension Induced Control And Manipulation Inside Microchannels
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