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1. O-Nitro-Group-Directed Selective Deacylation And Desulfonation And Preliminary Research On The Green Oxidation Of Benzyl Alcohols Using Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed Jointly By Iodine And Tertiary Amine Oxides
2. Synthesis And Application Of Crosslinker TETS
3. Synthesis Of Tertiary Amine Collectors On Diaspore And Kaolinite And Investigation On Their Flotation Performances And Interaction Mechanism
4. Synthesis And Application Properties Of New Cationic Starches
5. Design And Application Of Chiral Organocatalysts In Catalytic Asymmetric Reactions
6. The Study On The Application Of The Derivates Of Amino Acids To The Catalytic Asymmetric Henry Reaction
7. New Technology. Extracted From The Slag Containing Vanadium V <sub> 2 </ Sub> O <sub> 5 </ Sub> Mechanism
8. Axially Chiral Phosphine-Oxazoline Ligands In The Silver(Ⅰ)-Catalyzed Asymmetric Mannich Reaction And Tertiary Amine-or Phosphine-Catalyzed Reactions Of Activated Olefins
9. Resisting Surface Oxygen Inhibition In UV-Curing Of Acrylic Resin
10. Development Of Monoalkyl Dimethyl Tertiary Amine Production Process By Aminating Fatty Alcohol Under Atmospheric Pressure
11. Study Of Synthesis And Properties Of Multifunctional Water Treatment Agent
12. A Study Of Separating Iron, Zinc And Manganese In Mixed Sulphate Solution By Solvent Extraction
13. Preparation Of Amphoteric Phosphatic Surfactant And Its Application In Leather Fatliquor
14. UV Curing Technology Of Polyurethane Acrylate
15. Synthesis Of A Liquid Like Carbon Nanotubes And Study On Their Structure And Character
16. Study On Modification Of Ramie Fiber Via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
17. Synthesis Of Glycidyl Methacrylate Based Block Copolymers With Self-Catalysis And Self-initiation Behaviors Via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
18. The Application Of Phosphine Ligands Of Steric Hindrance And Bipyridine To Suzuki Coupling Catalyzed By Cyclopalladated Complexes Of Tertiary Amine
19. Highly Enantioselective Addition Of Terminal Alkynes To Aldehydes Catalyzed By A New Chiral Sulfonamide Alcohol/Ti(OiPr)4/Et2Zn/R3N Catalyst System
20. A Study On Tertiary Amines Catalyzed Aza-Michael Additions
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