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1. Reaction Behaviors In Combustion Synthesis And Fabrication Of Steel Matrix Composites From An Al-Ti-B4C System
2. Study On Microstructure And Properties Of Reactive HVOF Spraying TiC-TiB2-Ni Coatings
3. Wear Resistance Investigation Of TiC/TiC-TiB2 Particle Locally Reinforced Low Cr Steel Matrix Composites
4. The Investigation On The Microstructure And Wear Mechanism Of In-situ Synthesis TiC-TiB2 Particulates Reinforce Metal-matrix Composite Coatings By Gas Tungsten Arc Cladding
5. Tribological Property Of Ti/Al/ (TiC-TiB2) PNi Functionally Gradient Materials Prepared By Field-Activated And Pressure-Assisted Synthesis
6. Study On In-situ Synthesis TiC&TiB2Dual Phase Particles Reinforced High-Mn Steel Matrix Surface Composites
7. Study On Fabrication And Cutting Performance Of TiC-TiB2 Cermet Cutting Tools
8. Investigation Of In-situ Synthesized Boride And Nitrides Reinforced Fe Matrix Wear-resistant Coating By TIG Arc/Cored-wires Weld Overlaying
9. Research On Ceramic Reinforced Ti-Ni Intermetallic Compound Based Composite Coating Prepared By Laser Cladding In-Situ Synthesized On Titanium Alloy
10. Study On The Tissue Friction And Wear Performance Of In Situ (TiC+TiB2)/Ni Laser Cladding Layer
11. Creep Behavior Of In-situ(TiC,TiB2)Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites
12. Vertical Controlled Rolling And Joining Of 6061 Aluminum Alloys Manipulated By Micro And Nano Hybrid Scale TiC-TiB2 Ceramic Particles
13. The Effect Of TiC-TiB2 Particles On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Twin Roll Cast Al-Mn-Si Alloy
14. Preparation?Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Zl205A Alloy Is Regulated By In-situ Nano TiC+TiB2 Ceramic Particle In The Melt
15. Research On Process And Properties Of Reaction Sintered Boron Carbide
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