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1. Ethylene Oligomerization Catalyzed By Transition Metal Complexes
2. Study On Oligomerization Of Ethylene To Linear Low Carbon α-olefins By ⅣB,Ⅷ Groups Metal Complexes
3. Studies On Synthesis,Oxygenation And Biomimetic Catalytic Oxidation Performance Of Crowned Hydroxamic Acids And Their Transition-metal Complexes
4. DFT Studies On Magnetic Coupling For Bridged Transition Metal Dimers And Polymers
5. Synthesis, Biomimetic Catalytic Oxidation And Selective Coloration Of Novel N-Pivot Lariat Ethers
6. Synthesis Of Novel Aluminoxanes And Their Cocatalytic Performances In The Ethylene Polymerization Catalyzed By Late Transition Metal Complexes
7. Photocatalytic Redox Properties Of Modified Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide
8. Hydrophilic Naphthalimide Fluorescent Probes For Cations: Molecular Design, Synthesis And Properties
9. Synthesis And Studies Of Their Application As Functional Materials On (Alkylthio) Tetraazaporphyrine And Their Transition Metal Coordination Compounds
10. Selective Activation Of C-H Bond By Transition Metal Oxoes: A Theoretical Study
11. Molecular Modeling On Recognition Of Normal And Sheared DNA By Complex Composed Of Extended Aromatic Heterocyclic Ligands And Transition Metal
12. Dehydrogenation Of Ethylbenzene To Styrene In The Presence Of Carbon Dioxide
13. Studies On Synthesis, Monooxygenase-mimic And Hydrolase-mimic Performances Of Benzo-10-aza-15-crown-5 Substituted Salicylaldimine Schiff Bases
14. Theoretical Studies On Reactions Catalyzed By Transition-metal Complexes
15. Adsorption And Interaction Of CN-Containing Molecules On The Transition Metal Surfaces: A Density Functional Study
16. Thermoregulated Polyether Ionic Liquid And Its Applications In Transition Metal Catalysis
17. Nanoscopic Transition Metals Colloidal Precursors, Networks, And Catalysts
18. Synthesis And Characterization Of Transition Metal Complexes With Tris(2-Pyridylmethyl)Amine Derivatives
19. Synthesis And Characterization Of Transition Metal Phosphates Phosphites And Phosphonates Microporous Materials
20. Studies On The Syntheses, Structures And Performances Of Transition Metal-Hydroxyl Polycarboxylate Coordination Polymers
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