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1. Research On Some Basic Rheological Problems Of Solid-liquid Interface
2. Research On Microscale Effects Of Filling Flow And Key Technology Of Micro Mold In Micro Injection Molding
3. Theoretical Modeling And Numerical Simulation Of The Filling Flow Of Micro Injection Molding
4. Viscous Behaviours Of Each Phase And Wall Slip In Bi-Phase Simulation Of The MIM Injection
5. The Effect Of Rheological Property On High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) By Different Lubricants
6. Experimental Studies On The Rheological Characteristics Of Polymer Melts
7. Research On Melt Viscosity And Wall-slip In Micro-injection Molding Filling Flow
8. In Situ Detection Device Design And Construction For Polymers
9. Study Of Rheology Behaviors Of Polymer Melt In Micro-channels
10. The Rheological Theories And Experimental Research On Polymer Micro Extrusion Process
11. The Study Of Rheological Property Of Poly (Ethylene Oxide) Melts
12. Investigations On Wall Slip And Crystallization Behaviors Of POE/PS Blends
13. Studay On Coal Wall Stability In Fully Mechanized Mining With Large Mining Height Of Extra-thick Coal Seam Under Goaf
14. Numerical Simulation Of The Filling Stage Of Micro-injection Molding In Slit Cavity
15. Three-dimension Numerical Simulation Of Filling Stage In Micro-Injection Molding
16. The Study Of Micro-scale Effects On Filling Process Of Polymer Melt
17. The Study On Flow Characteristics And Carrying Capacity Of Oil Cavity In Hydrostatic Turntable
18. The Research On The Rheological Rule Of The Polymer Injection Molding And The Processing Technology
19. Research On Magnetorheological Fluids And Transmission Technology
20. Study On Rheological Behavior And Pipe Flow Resistance Of Paste Backfill
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