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1. Optimization Methods Based On Kriging Surrogate Model And Their Application In Injection Molding
2. Research For The Key Technology Of 3D Numerical Simulation Of Plastic Injection Molding And Crystallization
3. Study For Multiple-step Incremental Air-bending Forming And Springback Of High-strength Sheet-metal
4. Research Of Residual Stresses And Warpage Of Plastic Injection Molding Based On Surface Model
5. Effects Of Processing Conditions On The Microstucture And Properties Of Injection Molded PP/POE And PP
6. Warpage Optimization Methods Based On Artificial Neural Network In Injection Molding
7. Improvement Of One Step Forming Inverse Approach And Research On One Step Forming Direct Approach
8. Research And Development Of Progressive Edge Bending Forming Process And Mould For Long Circular Tubes
9. The Modeling And Simulation Of Thermal Warpage Of PCBA During The Reflow Soldering
10. Numerical Simulation Of Residual Stresses In Injection Molded Products
11. Study On Penetration Behavior And Mechanical Properties In Gas-assisted Injection Molding
12. Development Of New-Style Rubber Injection Molding Vulcanization Machine And Study Of Molding Mechanism
13. Research On Deformation Compensation And Numerical Simulation Of Plastics Warpage
14. Process Optimization Of Injection Part Based On Moving Least Squares Response Surface Method
15. Simulation And Parameters Optimization On Precise Injection Process Of A Plastic Plug
16. Study On Warpage Of Injection Products Based On CAE
17. Study On Numerical Simulation Of Co-injection Molding
18. Research On Optimization Process Parameters For Large Pieces Of Thin-wall Injection Molding
19. Application Of Numerical Optimization On Injection Molding Process Parameter Of Complicated Vehicle Exterior
20. Simulation Of Injection Molding And Optimization Of Molding Parameter For The Plastic Part With Complicated Structure
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