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1. Theoretical Studies Of Manipulating Biomolecules Confined Within Single-Walled Nanotubes By External Charges
2. Film-forming Mechnism Of Polysaccharide-based Edible Films And Effects Of Water Molecules On Their Properties
3. A Theoretical Study On Isomerization Mechanism Between Ketone And Enol Compounds Assisted By Water Molecules
4. Molecular Dynamics Simulation On The Impact Of High Voltage Electrostatic Field On Crystallization Of Calcium Carbonate Aqueous Solution
5. Regulation Effect Of Water Molecules On Structures And Properties Of Protonated Glycine-Praline Dimers
6. First - Principles Study On The Interaction Between Surface And Water Of Graphene - Zinc Oxide Composites
7. Theoretical Study On Structural Characteristics Of Cytosine - Water Molecules
8. The Interactions Between Lignite Model Compound And Water Molecules&Pyrolysis Properties Of Lignite: A Theoretical Study
9. Research On The Structure And Diffusion Of Water Molecules In Different Carbon Nanotubes(CNT)
10. The Study On The Abnormal Diffusion Of Water Molecules In Carbon Nanotubes
11. Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of The Microscopic Characteristics Of Water Molecules Confined In Carbon Nanotubes
12. Small-molecule Research, And Theory Of Hydrogen Bonding Between Water Molecules
13. The Impact Of The Water Molecules Of The Nucleoside Monophosphate Catalytic Decarboxylation Of Orotic Acid
14. Ice/Water Phase Transitions In Carbon Nanotubes Studied By Molecular Dynamical Simulations
15. Structural Transformation Studies Of I2 And H2O Confined In The One-dimensional (1D) Channels Of Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves
16. Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy Of Several Thermally Sensitive Polymers
17. Hydrogen Bonding Properties Of Water Molecules At The Interface Of The Monolayer Protected Au Nanoparticles From Molecular Dynamics Simulation
18. The Effects Of Water Molecules On The Hydrogen Bonds Between Uracil And Thymine
19. Transport Of Water Molecules In The Carbon Nanotube Molecular Dynamics Study
20. Theoretical Study On Adsorption Of Water Molecules On Charged Kaolinite Surface
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