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1. The Effect Of Melt Overheating Treatment On The Microstructure And Wear Resistance Of AL-Si Hypereutectic Alloys
2. Synthetic Research On Technology Of Large Scale Progressive Die With High Precision And Complex Structure
3. Research On Fabrication Of The Anti-Wear Gradient Surface Coating And Its Sliding Friction Property
4. The Process And Mechanical Properties Of High Silicon-content Aluminum Alloy By Multi-Layer Spray Deposition Technology
5. Study On Technique Of Powder-Feeding Laser Cladding Adulterating Composite Coating With Ceramic And Forming Mechanism Of Coating
6. Study On Properties Of ZrO2-Al2O3 Laminated Ceramics
7. Research On Structure, Properties And Wear Mechanism Of ZrO2 And Al2O3 Multi-phase Ceramics
8. Surface Modification Of Die Steels By High Current Pulsed Electron Beam
9. Composition Design And Properties Of The Zr-Al-Ni-Cu Bulk Metallic Glasses
10. The Effects Of Rare Earth Additives On The Properties Of Iron-based Diamond Composites
11. An Investigation Of Fretting Wear Under Solid Lubricant Coatings Condition
12. Study Of Whisker-modified Thermosetting Resin
13. A Study On Processing And Enhancing Properties Of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene
14. Development Of Nano Modified Ceramet Cutter And Its Digital Design For The Geometical Parameters
15. Study On Preparation Of The Glass-Ceramics Of Aluminous Silicate With Abrasion Resistance And Its Properties Of Friction And Wear
16. Research On The Surface Protection Technology Of The Flexible Continuous Sucker Rod
17. Fundamental Research On MEVVA Ion Implantation For Anti-Fatigue Manufacture Of Titanium Alloy
18. Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Contact Damage Of Elastic Force Joint Sleeve Of Oil Film Bearing In Rolling Mill
19. Studies On The Friction And Wear Of Y-TZP Matrix Ceramic Materials
20. Studies On Property And Design Of 3-d Braided Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Resin Composites
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