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1. Study On The Manufacture Technology And Technical Theory Of Bronze Powder
2. The Studies Of Coordination Behavior Of Fourth Period Trace Elements With Biological Ligands
3. Novel Catalytic Materials For Gasoline Olefin Reduction In Catalytic Cracking Processes
4. Synthesis And Photocatalytic Activity Of Nano-sized ZnO/SnO2 Coupled Photocatalysts And Their Some Application In Organic Pollutant Treatment
5. Studies On Theoretical Principle And Application Of Separation Of Zn-Pb
6. Study On Metallic Ion Containing Acrylic Acid Polymer
7. Research On Compressive Creep Behavior Of The High Aluminum Zinc Based Alloy
8. The Effect Of Cu And Zinc Ions On Activated Sludge Microbes And Its Analysis With Molecular Biological Technique
9. Preparation And Study Of Machanism Of Varistor Materials Doped With Rare-earths Oxide And Nano ZnO
10. Application And Preparation Of Wool's Keratin Solution
11. Microwave-assisted Ring-opening Polymerization Of 2, 2-Dimethyltrimethylene Carbonate And ε-Caprolactone
12. Technology And Theory Studies Of Upgrading Silver Recovery Of Flotation From Zinc Leaching Residues
13. Theory And Application Studies On Preparing High Purity Zinc In The System Of Zn(Ⅱ)-NH3-NH4Cl-H2O
14. Study On Removing Trace Lead And Zinc From Nickel Electrolyte By Continuous Ion Exchange Process
15. The Nutirent Availability, Growth And Related Characteristics Of Red Tide Algae
16. Synthesis, Characterization And Crystal Structure Of Zinc (Ⅱ) Complexes & Study On Supermolecule Color Reaction Of Protein And Its Applications
17. The Assessment And Control Of Environmental Impact Of High-dose Zinc And Copper In The Pig's Feed
18. Mechanisms Of Zinc Activation, Absorption And Transport By Hyperaccumulator Of Sedum Alfredii Hance
19. Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Ultra-fine Manganese Oxides By Spray Drying
20. Applications Of Laser-induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy In Heterogeneous Catalysis
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