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1. The Mechanism And Application Of NO_X Reduction Of Engine Exhaust By Modified Carbon Fibers
2. Research On Photoregeneration Of Activated Carbon And Synergy Effect Of TiO2--Activated Carbon
3. Research On The Preparation Of Carbon-Supported Ruthenium Catalyst And Its Catalytic Performance For Ammonia Synthesis
4. Studies On Adsorption Behavior Of CO2 On Porous Solids Near The Critical Temperature
5. Studies On Novel Four-Bed Pressure Swing Adsorption Process For Hydrogen Purification
6. Study On The Desulfurization Characteristics Of Activated Carbon Modified By Microwave
7. Carbonization And Activation Of Waste Foam Polystyrene
8. Characterization Of Supported Wacker-Type Catalysts In Vapor-Phase Dimethyl Carbonate Synthesis
9. Studies On The Adsorption And Oxidation-Extraction (Adsorption) For Ultra-deep Desulfurization Of Diesel Fuels
10. Preparation And Electrochemical Performance Of Carbon Based Electrode In Alkaline Solution
11. Studies On Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibrium Of Supercritical Gas Mixture On Porous Solids
12. Studies On The Preparation And Characterization Of Microporous Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell
13. Study On Pressure-Swing-Adsorption Enrichment Of Coalseam Methane
14. Molecular Simulation Of Highly Asymmetric Model Fluids And The Real Fluids Confined In Nano-Materials
15. Study On Modification Of Activated Carbon Fiber And Adsorptive Properties For Organic Compounds In Wastewater From Coke Plant
16. Study On The New Technology Of Treatment And Reuse Of Oil Refinery Wastewater
17. Method And Characteristic Of Activated Carbon Adsorption/Microwave Regeneration For The Treatment Of Typical Organic Pollutants
18. Study On Microwave Assisted Wet Air Oxidation Of Biorefractory Organic Contaminant In Water
19. Degradation And Treatment Of Chlorophenols By Electrochemical Technologies
20. Investigation On Activated Carbon Supported Cobalt Catalysts For Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
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