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1. Study Of The Direct Catalytic Amination And Hydroxylation Of Benzene
2. Studies On Catalytic Performance Of Solid Acids Derived From Sulfuric Acid: Supported Sulfuric Acid, Sulfates And Sulfonic Resin
3. Magnetic Field Effect On Photocatalytic Degradation Of Benzene Over Pt/TiO2
4. Studies On The Treatment Of Off-gases Containing Benzene Homologue Compounds By Biofiltration
5. Design, Preparation Of Novel Solid Acid Catalysts And Their Application In Alkylation Reactions
6. Silica-based Capillary Monolithic Column For μ-HPLC: Studies Of Fabrication, Modification And Chromatographic Characterization
7. Acidity And Improving Catalytic Properties In Benzene Alkylation Over Preformed Aluminosilicate Precursors
8. Study On Preparation, Dilute Solution Property Of Membrane Materials And Pervaporation Behavior Of Their Membranes For Organic Mixtures (MeOH/MTBE,Benzene/Cyclohexane)
9. A Study On Hydrogen Storage Properties Of La2Mg16Ni Modified By Ball Milling And Dynamic Process Of Benzene Hydrogenation Reaction In Liquid Phase Catalyzed By La2Mg16Ni Hydride
10. Functional Modification Of Mesoporous Materials And Their Catalytic Performance
11. Studies Of Gas Discharge And Photocatalytic Method Decontaminating Benzene In The Exhaust Gas
12. Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Of Benzene To Cyclohexene Over A Series Of Novel Ruthenium Catalyst
13. Study On The Reaction Mechanism Of Benzene And Its Derivatives With Hydroxyl Radical In Aqueous Phase By Transient Absorbance Spectra Technique
14. Alkylation Of Benzene With Long Chain Olefins Using Ionic Liquid As Catalyst
15. Studies On Catalyst And Catalytic Distillation Process For Alkylation Of Benzene With Ethylene To Ethylbenzene
16. Study On The Direct Catalytic Hydroxylation Of Benzene To Phenol
17. Study On Catalyst Of Benzene Oxidation By N2O And Inorganic Membrane Reactor For Controllable Oxidation
18. Study On Sorption Of Volatile Organic Contaminants By Natural Soils And Sediments
19. Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Properties Of Heteroatoms Substituted Aluminophosphate Sieves
20. The Effect Of Rare Earth Ions Doping On Photo-catalytic Properties And Activity For Volatile Organic Compounds (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl-benzene, And O-xylene) Photo-degradation
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