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1. The Blue Shift Of Unactivated Alkyl CH Stretching Modes And Intermolecular Interactions
2. Investigations On The Microscopic Structures And Interactions In Ionic Liquids Solutions By Infrared Spectroscopy
3. The Synthesize,Structure And Property Of Nanometer Titanium Dioxide
4. Preparation Of Inorganic Porous Materials And Assembly Of Luminescent Material
5. Hydrothermal Preparation YPO4: Eu And The Structure Of Host
6. Theoretical Study Of Dihydrogen Bonds Of NH3BH3,NH3AlH3 And NH3GaH3 With Several Small Molecules
7. The Research On Inhibition Of Photobleaching And Blue Shift In Quantum Dots
8. The Study On The Application Of Nanoparticles In Metal Ions And The Small Molecule Analysis
9. Photo-Assisted Photoluminescent Enhancement Of Water-Soluble CdTe Nanocrystals
10. Theoretical Study On Effects Of Hydrogen Bonding On The Ring Stretching Modes Of Free And Halogen-Substituted Pyridine
11. The Theory Study Of The Optical Properties Of Gold And Silver Nanoparticles
12. Sol-gel Preparation Of Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films And Their Performance Study
13. Blue Shift Of The Hydrogen Bond Causes Of Theoretical Studies
14. Assembly And Properties Of Colloidal Crystals On Patterned And Curved Substrates
15. Preparation And Property Of Heterostructured Quantum Dots
16. Theoretical Study Of Linear Halogen Bonding And Effects Of Halogen Bonding On The Ring Stretching Modes Of Pyridine
17. Design And Synthesis Of High Quantum Yield Bodipy Dyes And Their Fluorescent Property
18. Theoretical Analysis Of The IR Frequency Shift Of C-O Stretching Frequency In Metal Carbonyls
19. Internal Charge Transfer (ICT) Mechanism Of The Ratiometric1,8-naphtalimide Fluorescent Probes For Cu(Ⅱ)
20. Syhthesis And Characterization Of Nano-sized NaY Zeolite
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