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Keyword [carbon-based nano-materials]
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1. First-principles Studies And Designs Of Nano Materials And Devices Based On Carbon
2. Carbon-based Nano-materials Studied By X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
3. Preliminary Research On Construction Of β-carbonyl-phthalocyanine Zinc And Carbon Based Nano-materials Complexes And Its Use As A Fluorescent Probe
4. Carbon-based Nanomaterials Doped First-principles Study Of The Effects And Chemical Modification
5. Carbon-based Nanomaterials Modified Polyurea Grease
6. Study On Electronic And Optical Properties Of Carbon-Based Nano-Devices And Behaviors Of Helium Atoms In Metal
7. Effects Of Carbon-based Nano-materials On Activated Sludge Process
8. Fullerene And Stacked Graphene The Study Of The Theory Of The Electron Transport Properties Of Molecular Devices
9. Functional Assembly And Macro Structrue Regulation Of Carbon-based Nano Materials Towards Electrochemical Performance Study
10. The Preparation Of Carbon Based Nano Materials With Multifunction And Their Applications In Biomedical Field
11. Processing and applications of carbon based nano-materials
12. Theoretical Study On Electronic Structures And Transport Properties Of New Carbon Based Nano-Materials
13. The Fabrication Of New Carbon-based Nano-materials And Its Research About The Infrared Photodetector
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