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1. Interfacial Molecular Design, Fabrication Of HA/PLA Composite Biomaterials And Their Related Properties
2. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Active Vibration Control Of Intelligent Composite Material Structures With Embedded Piezoceramics
3. Study On The Preparation And Application Of Functional Nanometer/Micrometer Composite Materials
4. Hybrid Forming Of Aluminum Sheet /Plastics: Forming Process And Characterization Of Aluminum Sheet/Grafted Polypropylene Interface
5. Study On The Shaped Basalt Fiber Composite Material And Its Degradation Mechanism
6. Fixture System Of Paper Honeycomb Core Material For High Speed NC Machining
7. Nano Hydroxyapatite/SiC Whisker Composite Bioceramics Material And Its Machining
8. Study On Transparent Composite Material Of Polystyrene By The Core-Shell Emulsion And Suspension In-Situ Polymerization
9. Study On Resistance To Sulfate Attack On Cement Based Composite Material Containing Mineral Additive
10. Basic Research On Synthesis And Application Performance Of Micro-crystal Of Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides
11. Synthesis Of Mg-based Hydrogen Storage Material And Studies On Hydrogenation Properties
12. Research On The Preparation And Properties Of Silver Tin Oxide Composite Material
13. Similar Subdomain Boundary Element Method And Its Application In Simulation Of Particle Composite Material
14. Study On The Wear Behaviour And The Wear-Resisting Design Criterion Of The C/Cu Composite Material
15. Study On The Preparation And Application Of Nanometer TiO2 Composite Material
16. Microstructures And High Temperature Erosion Properties Of Supersonic Arc-sprayed Composite Coatings Of Cored Wires Containing Intermetallics And Nanosized Ceramics Under Nitrogen Protective Atmosphere
17. Preparation Of Starch/ Maize Straw Fiber Composite Materials And Biomimetic Laminated Boards
18. Preparation, Structure And Properties Of Two Types Of Magnetic Composite Materials Used For Motors
19. Preparation And Application Of Porous Chitosan-Silica Composite Material
20. Research On Both Polyaspartic Acid- Based Scale Inhibition Dispersing Agents And Their Synergistic Scale Inhibition Effect With Magnetic Field
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