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1. Study On The Damages Of Short Fiber Composites Subjected To Repeated Low Velocity Impact
2. Study On The Process,Devices And Principle Of Multi-Layer Spray Co-Deposition Technology For The Preparation Of Large-Sized SiC Particulate-Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composites
3. Research On High Module Polymer Matrix And High Resistance To Compression Composites
4. 0xidation Behaviors Of 3d C/sic Composites In Oxidizing Environments
6. Preparation And The Thermoelectric Properties Of The BiTe Based Thermoelectric Materials
7. Preparation And Properties Of Polymeric Composites Filled With Low-Melting-Point Alloy
8. The Study On Polyolefin Nano-composites And New Type Catalysts For Olefin Polymerization
9. The Interfacial Characteristic And Influence Factors Of Wood-Plastic Composites
10. Study On The Application Technology Of Polymers And Composite Materials
11. Basic Research On Nb/Nb5Si3 Composites
12. Flame Retardant Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Copolyesters And Their In Situ Composites With PET
13. Study On Polypropylene Composites Toughened And Reinforced By Elastomer And Inorganic Filler
14. Studies On The Stress Induced Effects On Polypropylene-iron-waste Tire Rubber During Pan-Milling And Their Composites
15. Studies On Enhancement Of Mechanical Properties Of Ramie And Flax Composites
16. Study On Processes Of Self-bonding Composites
17. Processing, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of In-Site Toughened And Si-C-N Nano-Powder Reinforced Si3N4 Matrix Composites
18. A Unified Macro-and Micro-mechanics Constitutive Model And Its Applications For Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
19. Research On Performances & Technics Of 3D Braided Composites Based On Optical Fiber Measurement & Testing Technology
20. A Study On Geometric Mircrostructure And Mechanical Performances Of 4-directional Rectangular Braided Composites
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